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Smart for Visitors, Smart for Business

The Virtual Visitor Portal

  • Visitor preparation

  • On-site way-finding

  • Facilities information

  • Disability access planning

  • Site entrance procedures

  • Vendor planning collaboration

  • Welcome narrations

  • Visitor registration and feedback

  • Personal and information privacy

  • Construction progress reporting

  • One click links and QR codes

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Get down to business faster with Navit!


Optimise your visitor preparation and orientation by including Navit links and QR codes in your meeting and appointment Invitations, SMS messages, company website. Always on, always available to your visitors.

The virtual tour with the world’s richest content; from YouTube media to Live Data!








Live Data


Reduce the cost of hosting your clients, partners, visiting colleagues or vendors by enabling them to familiarise themselves with parking, reception points, safety requirements and guest procedures prior to their visit.

How we work


Workshops and 1:1s

Define your visitor hosting challenges, identify opportunities for improvements.

Baselining the return on investment

This enables us to quantify the impact of enhancing visitor experience when pre-visit and when on-site.

IT consultancy

We can work directly with your IT technicians to ensure the best technical integration and support.


Navit virtual tour creation

Professional advice, planning and recording of all your building’s rooms, department, spaces using our state-of-the-art hardware.

Content creation

Professional planning, advice, recording and post-production of all content to be placed in your Navit tour including welcome videos, about videos, text and audio. Plus questionnaires, 3D models, live data and more.

New feature creation

We want your visitors to have the best experience so if you need a new specific feature we will add it to your Navit tour.


Best online editor on the market

Keeping your tour up-to-date with the Navit editor is quick and easy, with an intuitive user interface. Unique selection of navigation options and features make your visitors' experience easy, efficient and stress free. Your new Navit Tour will come bundled with our editor.

All upgrades are free of charge

New versions of the Navit editor app, and all updates will be made available to you.

Help and Support

Navit tutorials introduce all features and functionality, while a comprehensive list of software and hardware resources supports tour maintenance and future iterations.




Enable both visitors find their way to their destination in your company.

Let's get your business Navit visitor solution!

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